19 October 2012

FMP lowers price of 1911 census pageviews

This announcement from findmypast.co.uk enhances access to the 1911 census of England and Wales.

We know how important the 1911 census is for anyone tracing their family tree, so we're giving you free access!
Until 18 November 2012, view a 1911 census transcript for free on findmypast.co.uk – this usually costs 10 credits.
We've also lowered the cost of viewing an original 1911 census image – you'll pay just 5 credits instead of 30.
Even more good news: we always try to offer you the best possible value for money, so when this offer ends on 18 November, we'll permanently reduce the price of viewing the 1911 census to 5 credits for a transcript and 5 credits for an original image.

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