26 October 2012

Ancestry updates Warwickshire records

The bulk of the records in the newly updated Ancestry database Warwickshire, England, Occupational and Quarter Session Records, 1662-1866 are for the late 18th century, predating the census and civil registration.
The complete list of sources indexed with number of browse files in parenthesis, is: Boat Owners 1795-1796  (186); Flax Bounty 1774-1797 (1612); Freeholders 1710-1760 (249); Freemasons 1799-1857 (189); Gamekeepers' Deputations  (718); Gamekeepers´ Records  1744-1888 (1106); Hair Powder Certificates 1795-1797   (146); Hearth Tax Returns 1662-1673 (1110); Jurors Lists 1696 (142); Jurors Lists 1704 (141); Jurors Lists 1772-1778 (193); Jurors Lists 1779-1787 (232); Jurors Lists 1788-1794 (212); Printing press owners records (no browse file), 1799-1866.

Despite the smaller number of pages for the 18th century jurors lists they contain names of more people than the flax bounty file which is name sparse. The 17th century hearth tax returns, Warwickshire is not (yet?) available at the University of Roehampton Health Tax Online site, are also name dense but rather disappointing in the amount of information provided.

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