24 October 2012


Is the name Mogridge, Craze, Delbridge or Luttrell in your family tree? Do you have ancestry from Dunster, Somerset, where those names are prominent?

As Dunster is mentioned in the Domesday Book you could have distant ancestry there, even though the population today is less than 1,000.

Tim Taylor, creator of Time Team, has a new project with Dunster as the first village of interest. Follow on Twitter at @DigVillage.

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Elizabeth Kipp said...

Thank you John for this interesting site. I have two Moggridge lines and a number of people at Dunster. Still trying to figure out if the Question family was there earlier than the 1500s. They married into the Siderfin family which was closeby at Luxborough and Selworthy. I correspond with a couple of Moggridge cousins (my 4x great grandmother was Sarah Moggridge).