26 October 2012

WDYTYA?Live 22-24 Feb 2013

I've now received confirmation from Else Churchill, Genealogist with the Society of Genealogists, that I'll be an official part of this event - giving a presentation at 2 pm on Saturday 23 February.

There's not much information on the website at http://www.whodoyouthinkyouarelive.com/ as I write except that the theme for 2013 is Immigration and Emigration. I'm told detailed information is coming very soon. The site does have quite a bit of information on the 2012 event, which I attended, including recordings of some of the presentations given at the time.

It's a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of as part of a British research trip. It's off-season for tourism. Prices including airfares are at their lowest and there's respite from Canada's cold.


Old Census Scribe said...

IMHO walking a mile to an urban school in Canada when the temperature was -7C(20F)was more comfortable than scraping the ice off a car windscreen (windshield) in Buckinghamshire when the temperature is just above freezing.

Humidity has a lot to answer for.

I wonder if I shall try to get to 2013 WDYTYA Live?

turner said...

Excellent John. Wish I was going this year, just to see you! Cheers.


Audrey Collins said...

I'll be there as usual, John, and it will be good to see you there too. I'll even come to your presentation too if it doesn't clash with one of mine :)

I've never walked to school in Canada at -7c, but I have scraped ice off a car in Buckinghamshire many times. My own particular patch of the county is a cold air pocket which frequently records the lowest temperature in the UK. At least in Canada you know how to deal with winter - it often takes the authorities by surprise here!

JDR said...

I usually manage to get to England to enjoy ice scraping season, but it's something easily fixed at home by a garage. Same can't be said for ice covered sidewalks (I mean pavements) which we enjoy in Ottawa for months on end. The respite of walking London streets and spying the serendipitously encountered blus plaques is a joy. Then there's the interesting folks at WDYTYA. Look forward to seeing you.

Debbie Kennett said...

Congratulations! I hope I manage to get away from the ISOGG stand to come and listen to your talk! I have one branch of my family that emigrated to Prince Edward Island. I look forward to seeing you again.

GailD said...

You've given us another great reason to attend this conference.