24 October 2012

Ancestry update London Poor Law records

Ancestry announce an update to their collection of images of a variety of records for London area Poor Law records for 1430-1973, including: Admission and discharge books of workhouses; and registers of individuals in the infirmary; creed; school; children boarded out or sent to various other institutions; apprentices; lunatics; servants; children; relief to wives and children; inmates; indoor poor; deserted children. There are other miscellaneous records too.

These are browse files. You first select one of 28 Boroughs (including unknown). Then choose the Parish or Poor Law Union, for Tower Hamlets there are five. Finally choose the Record Type, there are five for Bethnal Green. If you choose Order for Removal for Record Type there are nine date ranges for Settlement and Relief with 106 pages to browse for 1879 - 1882.

You need a pretty shrewd idea of what you're looking for, or a lot of time and patience, preferable both, to make this useful.

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