19 October 2012

Library and Archives Canada, Ten Years after the Merger

Julienne Molineaux, a New Zealander interested in public service management and change is the speaker in this webcast of a presentation "Library and Archives Canada, Ten Years After the Merger" at UBC.  The study was instituted when a similar merger was contemplated in New Zealand, although it never occurred.

The vision of Roch Carrier and Ian Wilson in pushing for the new institution, recognizing the significance of digitization for the organizations, is praised. The problems and opportunities presented are reviewed. The question of appropriate skills for a leader of such an organization are touched on.

While no conclusions about the present state of the organization, and it's management, are drawn it is noteworthy that when Molineaux traveled to Ottawa recently she was refused an interview with the present management.

The presentation is available on YouTube. It has been viewed 85 times but should be of interest to those many more people who have lived through the change and are living with the result.

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