28 October 2012

AFHS Chinook

The Fall (October) 2012 issue of Chinook, the quarterly publication of the Alberta Family Histories Society, features articles on The Role of DNA in Genealogical Research. Here's the complete table of contents.

President’s Message – Lorna Laughton; Editor’s Observations – Wayne Shepheard
Call for Artricles – Find YOUR Tree in the Forest; Local Resources and Archives
Discovering Cousins with Autosomal DNA Testing for Genealogy – CeCe Moore
DNA and Genealogy Reference Books – Linda Murray
Computer Tricks – Jim Benedict
Autosomal DNA: The New Revolution – Katherine Hope Borges
Looking for Phila Garratt’s Mother – Lorna Laughton
The Elusive Lawrence Granger – Diane Granger
Young Genealogy Detectives: Family Photos to Link Generations – Claire Brisson-Banks
Expanding the Concept of Family History and Relationships Through DNA – Ugo Perego
What’s Out There – Linda Murray
From the Geneasphere: Quick Guide to Genetic Genealogy Resources –
Joan Miller and CeCe Moore
Budget Cuts at LAC – Laura Kirbyson
Tragedy on the River – Karen Lee
AFHS Projects – Heather Williams; Periodicals Place: The Breeze and Chinook
Calgary Public Library – Christine Hayes
Events – Laura Kirbyson
AFHS Membership Information & Form
AFHS Publications for Sale & Order Form
AFHS Objectives; Contact Information; Board of Directors and Committees.

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