21 October 2012

Time Team History

The termination of the archeology TV series Time Team is announced.

Time Team has a semi-regular spot on TVO at 7pm on Monday evenings. The are additional shows to run in the UK. Delays in bringing the program to Canada likely mean seeing episodes "new" to us for some time.


Anonymous said...

That's too bad.We watch it every Monday. We've always said - if you dig down a few inches anywhere in England/Scotland you will find ruins!

bibliojo said...

Tim Taylor (creator of Time team) has a new project which I found out about on Twitter and may be of interest to you.
@DigVillage: Social media project on #archaeology and #ancestry run by Prof. Tim Taylor, the creator of @thetimeteam. First stop: Dunster, Somerset.

We've just started a Twitter account for @DigVillage. Please follow for info and updates on this new project! #SocialMedia #archaeology