12 April 2012

Access to Information Act improvements promised

The Canadian Press reports on a plan to make the Canada government more transparent http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/arts-and-life/life/sci_tech/feds-promise-online-access-requests-virtual-library-in-open-government-plan-147073505.html.

"Critics have complained that Canada's open government initiatives to date have largely been limited to repacking existing information in new formats.
Access laws have also been widely disparaged for being antiquated and too easy for the government to circumvent."

The plan, described as a blueprint, is long on promises and rhetoric, short on specific near term deliverables. It mentions "The multi-year plan also includes efforts to make material held by Library and Archives Canada more accessible by removing restrictions wherever possible."

Based on past experience that's realistic .. a multi-year timeframe and efforts, not deliverables, from LAC.

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