15 April 2012

Another BIFHSGO record

Saturday's British Isles Family History Society of Great Ottawa monthly meeting saw another record attendance, 214, this time to hear Ruth Blair of Burlington, ON, speaking on "A Brickwall Chisel - The Cluster Research Project."

If anyone knows of a family history society regular monthly meeting that gets more attendees please let me know, or BIFHSGO will claim the record.

The presentation was clear, well organized with appropriate slides and plenty of specific suggested resources, especially for English researchers. Ruth laid emphasis on The England Jurisdictions 1851 database available at http://maps.familysearch.org/.

Ruth mentioned her blog, The Passionate Genealogist, and her Facebook page that is featuring a hint a day, 366 Days of Genealogy.


Eric said...

The attendance at Saturday's meeting was also likely to be a record when measured as a percentage of the BIFHSGO membership, and a useful metric to compare with other FHS on your blog!

Ruth Blair said...

Thanks for the lovely review John. I enjoyed my time at the BIFHSGO monthly meeting.