18 April 2012

Good news on England and Wales probate calendars

Long-awaited news, via Geoff Swinfield, about probate calendars for England and Wales coming online .

"At two meetings for users held on 17 April, John Briden of the Probate Service outlined plans for the calendars to be put online, some hopefully by the end of 2012. John was accompanied by a team from Iron Mountain, the archive facility which currently holds the contract for storing post 1858 wills and providing copies on demand. They gave a demonstration of how it will work, although some final details of  the search are still to be decided."
There's also news about digitisation of 300,000 wills of solders, except officers, killed in action from all conflicts from the Crimean War onwards held by the Probate Service but never included in the calendars.

Read the full post: Probate Calendars to be Online Soon

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