11 April 2012

Ancestry adds Dorset Crew Lists

Now on Ancestry, Dorset, England, Crew Lists, 1863-1914. This database, with 58,368 indexed records and original images, is based on those found at the Dorset History Centre.

"This database contains three record types—lists, agreements, and log books—each of which lists details about crew members and their service onboard. Port information can be searched through the Lived In field. Typically, the records will include the following information:

birth year
date signed on and off the ship
ship name, port, registry date, master’s name"
The Dorset ports included are Bridport, Lyme, Poole and Weymouth.

If you find yourself puzzled by the seemingly random dispersal of crew lists there's an explanation at the site for the Crew List Indexing Project which may help you locate the ones you seek.

Note that the Dorset History Centre will be closed for 3 weeks later on in 2012. Check the website at http://www.dorsetforyou.com/dorsethistorycentre before setting the dates for a visit.

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