21 April 2012

Blaker website on TNG

BIFHSGO member, and former Canadian Member of Parliament, Rod Blaker contacted me for advice and happened to mention the Blaker Genealogy Pages, a one name study website.

Blaker is a one name study registered with the Guild. Rod said the study was managed by a hardworking webmaster, and the work of developing the one name study is parceled out to a group of about a dozen.

The Blaker Genealogy Pages is developed using one on the templates from The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding, now in version 9. It looks like a straightforward implementation with the group's work in the content, not the presentation.

TNG I've looked at before, but been discouraged by the line "if your web server supports PHP and MySQL ..." even though the end of that sentence is "you can set up and run TNG with very little effort."

My requirement has never been enough to tempt me to pay about $5 per month for my own hosted site. That day may come

There are lots of compliments about the facility on the TNG site, but you'd hardly expect otherwise. Do you have experience with TNG? If so please post a comment.

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