19 April 2012

Dick Eastman falls to GenealogyInTime.com .. maybe!

GenealogyInTime must be delighted with the news. In a tweet they point to an Alexa list showing they are now the most popular online genealogy magazine. GenealogyInTime has been climbing the listings, and according to Alexa has now overtaken Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

When I checked on Wednesday GenealogyInTime had a rank of 31,026, EOGN ranked 37,499. When it comes to "links in" GenealogyInTime still lags with 236 while EOGN has 1,079. If you want to understand Alexa ranking visit the FAQ.

The GenealogyInTime ranking as a magazine also has to be taken with a grain of salt. It has a search engine and toolbar so it's more than a magazine. Those other roles must do a lot to boost hits on the site.

Some of the other rankings are unusual. The Ancestry Insider blog, one I read, is 5th, with a rank of 2,637,038.

Checking out some of the other sites I use, equally as much magazines as The Ancestry Insider, finds Chris Paton's British GENES ranking 227,147, Mick Southwick's British and Irish Genealogy at  497,934, CeCe Moore's Your Genetic Genealogist at 1,236,485, and ... Anglo-Celtic-Connections ranking 125,213.

The list selected by Alexa is woefully incomplete.

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MHD said...

Thanks for the links: all 3 are new to me but look super!