12 April 2012

LAC in the twittersphere

"Library and Archives Canada (@LibraryArchives) uses its twitter feed primarily as a discovery tool, posting frequent “#collection fishing” tweets with links to images pulled from the archives. They are often thematically linked to timely events ..."

That's the start of a comment post on the Libraries in Space blog on Library and Archives Canada in the twittersphere. http://librariesinspace.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/library-and-archives-canada/

There's a constructive comment on an aspect which the author finds confusing.

The overall summary is:

"I like the collection discovery aspect of this feed, which is enjoyable in a way that has little connection to being a user of the physical space or even the digital collections themselves."
This is especially high praise given that the Vancouver-based blogger is naturally more interested in nearby library facilities.

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