24 April 2012

LAC on self-digitization

On March 29 I posted a collection of LAC news items including news that the program at LAC that allowed clients to digitize records was ended. I asked when will LAC live up to the promise to make the product people digitized available?

On April 23 LAC posted information, LAC wraps up its crowdsourcing photography digitization pilot project. It notes that "Fifteen people participated in this pilot and provided us with 20,000 images from LAC holdings which have been made available online."

Will LAC please posted a linked list so we know what's there to be accessed as a result of the efforts of these volunteers.

Presumably the project was somewhat successful or the posting would not include the statement that "LAC will be pursuing other crowdsourcing opportunities in the future."

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turner said...

I wonder how the unions feel about "crowdsourcing" while their staff are being laid off. Cheers,