20 April 2012

Protestation Returns for Cumberland

Elizabeth Kipp, on her English Research from Canada blog, is in the process of posting lists of names of those who signed Protestation Returns for Eskdale Ward in Cumberland.

The Protestation was an oath of loyalty to the Crown, Parliament and the Protestant religion taken 1641/42. It was signed (mostly) by males age 18 and upward.

Elizabeth will be posting her transcription of the returns for eighteen parishes in Eskdale Ward which included: Arthuret, Bewcastle, Brampton, Castle Carrock, Crosby Eden, Cumrew, Cumwhitton, Denton, Farlam, Hayton, Irthington, Kirk Andrews, Kirk Linton, Lanercost, Scaleby, Stanwix, Stapleton, and Walton. This happens to be the area where my earliest known Reid ancestor lived so I'll be monitoring for names in my tree.

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