29 April 2012

BIFHSGO conference announcement

Quietly detail of the program for this year's Scottish-themed BIFHSGO conference, 14–16 September 2012, has appeared on the society website.

Some of the speakers I've already mentioned, those conducting pre-conference workshops including Chris Paton, listen to the interview recorded back in February at WDYTYA Live.

Here's the complete list of presenters:

Tony Bandy is a professional librarian and consultant in  information technology. He also writes for  Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle and Trains Magazine, and posts for blogs such as Teleread and his own Adventures in History.

Jane Buck first used Family Tree DNA for personal research, then worked for the company; though now an environmental consultant, she continues to give talks on genetic genealogy.

Dr. Lucille H. Campey is a well-known historian who began her career as a scientist, then did her post-graduate studies in history. She went on to write eight books on Scottish emigration and more recently has studied Canada’s English pioneers.

Susan Davis is the current Director of Communications for BIFHSGO. She uses social media to document her family and to share the stories with her family and long-lost relatives.

Chris Paton runs the Scotland’s Greatest Story research service, writes for British genealogy magazines and teaches Scottish genealogy courses through Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd. He is the author of numerous genealogy research books and of the daily British GENES genealogy blog.

Patricia Whatley,  of the University of Dundee, is a registered archivist and a historian. She is co-author of  Lost Dundee and regularly lectures on archival and family history topics.

Shirley-Ann Pyefinch, the Director of the Ottawa Stake Family History Center, teaches family history classes and preservation workshops, and lectures at various societies and conferences.

Victor Suthren, former Director General of the Canadian War Museum, is a writer, seaman and historian. He has written thirteen books, including a popular history of the War of 1812, and consults on historical TV and film productions.

Edward Zapletal is the co-owner and publisher of Moorshead Magazines Ltd., and editor of  Internet Genealogy,  Family Chronicle and  History Magazine. His personal genealogy interests lie in researching his Czech ancestors.

I hope to record interview with most if not all the presenters in the weeks up to the conference.

The conference brochure is available as a pdf at http://goo.gl/Xl4CT

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