Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Adoption mystery solved with DNA

If you didn't hear Toronto genealogist Elizabeth Kaegi's adoption story at the OGS conference 2016 this short YouTube video summarizes her experience and lessons learned. It has over 2,300 views in one month.

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BANKIE said...

The Power of DNA !
My brother Bill was adopted as a baby by my parents.
His son later asked me to try and find some living relatives..tracing his mothers side in Scotland was easy,but no father was listed on his birth Registration.
I sent his son a YDNA kit and immediately got a match..a cousin in BC Canada..he is descended from MacDonalds who escaped the Massacre of Glencoe.The resemblance is amazing.
Bills son told me a story that when he and some friends were in a Glencoe pub one of his friends mentioned that his mother was a Campbell !.Bill had married a Margaret Campbell in Glasgow...they threw him out of the pub..Ironic isn't it ?