19 October 2016

The Periodic Table of Genealogy Technology

I've been toying with organizing the world of genealogy technology, inspired by a post at the Daily Genius. As yet it's a draft and likely always will be, just as with the periodic table of the elements.

You likely can't read the image. There's a pdf version here. You can help improve it by making suggests as a comment.


Old Census Scribe said...

1. Replace the subtitles with URL links.
2. Make each box taller so that subtitles might be more visible.
3. Add box for WR (=WeRelate) where I am building a places database for the UK. There is already one in place for Ontario which probably needs improvement.

GoldenOldie (aka Old Census Scribe)

Barbara said...

Where would local or larger genealogical societies fall, groups like OGS or BIFHSGO? I also wonder if a photo editing program should be included in the software section. Neat concept. Thanks John.

GeniAus said...

Interesting visualation John.

How about the free online newspapers from National Library in Singapore http://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/newspapers/default.aspx - found something on a Scottish ancestor there yesterday

Also the free Papers Past from New Zealand and the Welsh Papers at http://newspapers.library.wales/ https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/

All of these report on news from outside their borders.

Alex Daw said...

Absolutely love it. Particularly given how completely hopeless I was at Chemistry.

Bruce Gordon said...

You need to add the element "Ub" for Unobtainium like the maiden name of a 3rd great grandmother and all the other seemingly simple brick walls we face.