30 October 2016

Three Videos from Genetic Genealogy Ireland

The first three videos from the Genetic Genealogy Ireland conference I attended in Belfast last weekend are now available.
In the first video, which opened the event, Maurice Gleeson introduces the three day event and Gerald Corcoran who heads up the Irish component of ISOGG and who gives an update on progress over the past year or so, some of which was dealt with at greater length in subsequent presentations.

The following video discusses progress to date on the first privately-sponsored project to extract ancient DNA from ancestral remains. René Gapert discusses the practical approach to receiving permission for the project and the forensic anthropological approach, then Jim Barry discusses the DNA analysis.

Third is a presentation on O’Brien, one of the most common in Ireland. Denis O'Brien from Australia discusses the large O’Brien surname DNA Project, how the O’Briens are genetically related to the rest of the Dál gCais, differences and synergies between SNP & STR marker results, and the implications of the DNA results for the future of O’Brien family tree research. He is joined in the Q&A session by the Clan Chief - The O'Brien, Conor, 18th Baron Inchiquin, Prince of Thomond.

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