04 October 2016

Many Families, Issue No. 2

My only purchase at the recent BIFHSGO conference was a copy of Tad and Terry Findley's annual family history magazine Many Families.
Why buy a magazine for someone else's family? Especially when in this case the surnames investigated are Llanos and Cuenca - hardly Anglo-Celtic!
The articles are a model of research and writing;
The thrill of discovery is shared;
The layout is superb, an inspiration;
The content is more than just about the families.
One of the longer articles "From Oilfield to Battlefield" recounting the experiences of Clarence Llanos (1894 - 1970) during the First World War contains information on his experiences which were far from unique. That FWW story is supplemented with shorter articles "What's a Royal Field Artillery Driver?", "The Royal Field Artillery in the First World War: A Primer", "What's a Royal Field Artillery Fitter", "Great Discovery: Military Service Record", "Gas!", "What's Shrapnel?", "The Burnt Documents".

By chance I even found background information to add to the story of a first cousin once removed who worked as a teacher for Texaco in Trinidad.
If you need more information, or to order a copy, email manyfamilies (at) rogers.com

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