05 October 2016

Ancestry adds Quebec, Canada, Notarial Records, 1626-1935

They're a treasure for the genealogist with roots back to or through Quebec and now accessible through an index on Ancestry.ca.  As described by Ancestry:
"Notarial records are private agreements (contracts), written by official notaries. This collection consists of notarial records for Quebec from the years 1626 to 1935. Each notary was assigned to a district, and kept three sets or types of records for that district. The following types of notarial records are included in this collection.
Actes notariés (Notarial Acts)
Répertoires de notaires (Notarial Repertoires)
Indexes de notaires (Notarial Indices)"
Only the notarial repertoires have been indexed, searchable by name, date and record type, and by notary and notarial act number if needed. You can click to view a linked image from the repertoire.

Images of the notarial acts and notarial indexes may also be browsed by district and notary name and year range. But, in many cases to view original documents, not just the index entry, you need to contact the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec centre closest to where the notary was in business.

The image above is from the David Rumsey Map Collection.


Patricia Greber said...

You have just made my day!

Anonymous said...

And mine too! Cheers, BT

Unknown said...

There are a couple of online resources for anyone who would like to see the full documents that are referenced in this index:

BANQ has a partial listing of notaries who were active in various districts of Quebec. The records vary, but in many cases access is provided to the full text of the indexed act. En français, but easy to navigate.


Family Search has almost 5 million images of the acts of Quebec notaries, all unindexed but browsable. Listed by district, and then alphabetically by the first name of the notary.