24 October 2016

Monday in Dublin

Following on three fascinating days at BTOP/Genetic Genealogy Ireland a series of visits in Dublin were arranged.

The first was to the new EPIC Ireland Museum, an audiovisual experience exploring aspects of the Irish Diaspora. That was preceded by a discussion led by Brian Donovan on how genetic genealogy could be incorporated. That part of the tour ended at a genealogy centre incorporated in the same area of the huge building. It's well worth a visit when in Dublin.

The group walked over to the offices of Ancestry for lunch and a presentation on the company operation. Dublin is the centre for the company non-US operations. We learned that the 5 minute video Momondo, available on YouTube, is most responsible for the growth in AncestryDNA testing, followed by the Lederhosen ad. We also learned about the ways in which the company explores options for improving its services. I was pleased to hear that we may be relieved of receiving hints derived from our own trees, by way of another patron, within 9-12 months.

I had to leave the tour which was going to an exhibition at the GPO on the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising and the First World War, one of three additional stops.
Thanks to Gerard Corcoran, ISOGG Ireland Rep, who organized the day.

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Susan said...

Wonderful to hear that you are having a great time and most interesting excursions.