20 October 2016

Rockstar Genealogist Extra: Australia/New Zealand

The national Rockstar Genealogist standings in 2016 were based on the nationality of the person voted for. In previous years the ranking was based on the nationality of the voter so that those with a high profile from another country were often listed.

Here's what the list for Australia/New Zealand would have been under the previous nationality of the voter system.

1. Jill Ball
2. Shauna Hicks
3. Michelle Patient
4. Judy Russell
5. Chris Goopy
5. Chris Paton
7. Helen V. Smith
8. Thomas MacEntee
9. Merron Reddiford
10. Kerry Farmer

Find the list based on nationality of the genealogist published in September here.

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GeniAus said...

Some exalted company there.