20 October 2016

Deceased Online adds Bath and North East Somerset Cemetery Records

The following is an announcement from Deceased Online.

Over the next few weeks, all records for eight cemeteries and a crematorium managed by Bath and North East Somerset Council in south west England will be added to www.deceasedonline.com

Immediately available are over 120,000 individual records for two cemeteries near Bath city centre together with Haycombe Crematorium located on the south west edge of the city.

The two burial sites are Twerton Cemetery in Bellots Road and St James Cemetery (formerly Lyncombe, Widcombe and St James), with records that date back to 1861. Haycombe Crematorium records date from its opening in 1961.

As well as digital scans of registers, the records available on Deceased Online also include grave details, indicating all those buried in each grave, and section maps for both cemeteries indicating the section of the cemetery where each grave is located.

Over the next few weeks, records for another five cemeteries managed by Bath and North East Somerset Council will be added to Deceased Online.

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