14 October 2016

Further Canadian, NOT US, Records at Findmypast

Do you see any issue with the Findmypast announcement of Ontario birth records? 's A-Z of record sets list has subheadings for US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, and Ireland. If you're looking for an entry for Canadian records in the A-Z of records see the US. Apparently the news has not yet reached the appropriate level at Findmypast that Canadian is distinct from the US just as Ireland is distinct from the UK - and has been for longer than Ireland has been an independent country.

If the Canadian collection is too small at least change the subhead title to US and Canada. Why not?

The records new at Findmypast are

Ontario Birth Index 1860-1920
New Brunswick Birth and Baptism Index 1769-1899


In response to a Facebook post FMP wrote:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for this error in our recent email. In terms of the Canadian records under the United States in the A-Z index, this is something we're working on to correct and we've passed your feedback on as well. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and we apologize.


Joseph Wearing said...

Good post. I had seen this page on Findmypast and wondered why the US flag was displayed beside Ontario birth records.

Joe Wearing, Toronto

Unknown said...

They are also STILL showing United States as the country in New Brunswick records, perhaps others. Some have changed but not all. I emailed them AGAIN after the flag issue on yesterday's email. They need to make our records separate as inclusive means receiving many US records in a search that is filtered Canada. NZ is having similar issues with being grouped with AUS.