07 October 2016

Findmypast adds Monmouthshire records

Wales, Monmouthshire workhouse registers 1837-1929
The collection contains admissions, medical notices, religious creed registers, and school admission records. 138,000 in total from the Abergavenny workhouse in in Hatherleigh Place, Abergavenny. Monmouthshire. Each record includes both a transcript and an image of the original record from the Gwent archives.

Wales, Monmouthshire Electoral Registers 1839-1889
The collecction contain over 10,000 records that allow you to discover where your Welsh ancestors lived, whether they were eligible to vote and the details of any property they owned or rented. The electoral registers are presented as a portable device format (PDF). The format of each register can vary depending on the constituency or the year of the register. You can search and browse the images.

Wales, Monmouthshire marriage notices 1859-1877
Over 4,000 records that allow you to discover whether your ancestor submitted a marriage notice with the district superintendent registrar of Abergavenny. Each record includes a transcript of the notice that will list your ancestor's birth year, marital status and residence, as well as the name, age and status of their intended spouse.

Although Findmypast places Monmouthshire in Wales legally it has been considered part of England or Wales at various times. Since 1974 the territory has been in the Welsh administrative county of Gwent.

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