Thursday, 9 November 2017

Ancestry adds Berkshire, England, Electoral Rolls 1840-1965

A bonanza for Berkshire researchers, 2,581,037 new electoral roll entries. Sourced from the Berkshire Record Office, Reading.
These are yearly registers listing names and residences of people in Berkshire, who were eligible to vote in elections. As the franchise was extended the coverage becomes more complete -- less exclusive.
The bar graph is for decennial years only. Records for 1936 - 1944 are missing. It looks as if some records for 1890 and 1930 are not included.
This database was produced by OCR. Beware errors and omissions. Check the images of the original printed registered linked. You may find indication that a person owned more than one property. Did they move on the same street or were the numbers changed? Did a relative move into a former residence?

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