Thursday, 2 November 2017

Six million AncestryDNA customers

As I write there's no company press release about the doubling of the number of AncestryDNA tests in less than a year, the six million milestone. It is just a number in a graphic on the company corporate website.

The same graphic shows 2.7 + million paying subscribers. It looks like many kits are being sold to those wanting to test relatives, or only interested in admixture (ethnicity), rather than to testers who are serious genealogists.


Anonymous said...

How many of those six million kits were sold in the USA, how many in Europe, how many in Asia? I still feel that Family Tree DNA is the best value for money, offering Y and mitochondrial DNA testing as well as autosomal DNA. Results from any of the DNA companies able to be uploaded to to increase the numbers of people with whom your autosomal results are compared.

T said...

I think their kilt commercial brought in lots of curious people. And yes, not many serious researchers but one person in a family who is taking care of several kits.