Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Don't Renew Your Membership ... unless

It's that time of year. Reminders are coming in to renew you membership. I've received notices for OGS, BIFHSGO, SOG, The Guild of One Name Studies, and more. And that's just for my family history interest. Costs mount up, although not as much as for the commercial genealogy services.

Please don't renew unless the benefit to you outweighs the cost. The benefits are many, no doubt reiterated in the renewal solicitation. How important are they for you? Have your interests changed?

No society wants members who are dissatisfied and expressing it to others.

A few years ago I dropped an OGS membership when I found it wasn't for me at the time. I rejoined for 2017. The balance shifted when I found I could join at half price in conjunction with renewal by an existing member who got the same deal.

That deal is available again for 2018. Would any non-OGS member like to join at half price, and I'll get the same deal for a second year? Email me at john dot d dot reid at gmail dot com.

You might also want to gift a membership for a friend or relative which will cost the same as simply renewing.

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