Friday, 3 November 2017

MyHeritage Improves New York Arrivals Search

Transatlantic travellers to and from Canada sometimes went via the port of New York, especially in winter.
Finding the arrivals, and their relative named on the documentation, is now made easier as MyHeritage has added Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 1820–1957, to their SuperSearch™ facility. The 138 years of arrivals are in 90 million records.
Responses to supplemental questions asked by immigration officials have now been indexed by MyHeritage for the first time, yielding an additional 26.6 million names. And the second page of the Ellis Island immigration record has been stitched to the first into a single document images, ensuring that users do not miss important information.
Searching the Ellis Island and New York Passenger Lists collection is free. A subscription is required to view records and scanned images, and to access Record Matches.

via a note from Daniel Horowitz.

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