Sunday, 26 November 2017

In From The Cold: the S.S. Crusader

The following 16 Canadian members of the crew of the S.S. Crusader were declared lost on this date in 1941 after their Merchant Navy ship was sunk by a submarine.

Robert BRADSHAW :  Radio Officer
Armand CARRIERE :  Fireman
Ernest GAMELIN :  Fireman
Ralph GODIN :  Able Seaman
Reginald HENDERSON :  Third Engineer
Oskar HOROWITZ :  Fireman
Arthur L'ABBE :  Fireman
Robert LAIRD :  Utility Boy
William LISTER :  Able Seaman
Theodore MEDDIN :  Fireman
James MOON :  Oiler
Bernard PORTAL :  Oiler
George SHARP :  Ordinary Seaman
Lloyd SPARKS :  Fireman
Albert SYLVESTER :  Steward
Maurice THERIAULT :  Messman
These men had been missing from the official Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) list of casualties from the First and Second World Wars.  They were added to the database on 25 February this year as a result of the work of the In From The Cold Project and are to be added to 3,135 named on the Halifax Memorial in  Nova Scotia.
The project has resulted in the memorialization of nearly 5,500 Commonwealth war dead.

The story Mysterious Loss of SS Crusader suggests the actual date of death was earlier. There is additional information here. When this was drawn to the attention of the CWGC they promptly changed the date in their records.

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Bryan Douglas Cook said...

My goodness, what a touching backstory to the S.S.Crusader......incedible survival at sea only to die on reaching shore, and this was not uncommon during the wars. I will keep these men in my Rememberance prayers. Bryan Cook