16 February 2021

Book Review: Sharing your Family History Online: A Guide for Family Historians

The titles of UK publisher Pen and Sword's family history books are almost invariably "Tracing Your ..."  This book is listed in that well-known series but the title breaks the mould. 

The introduction gets personal, recounting author Chris Paton's path into family history, some of it before the days when so much was available online. The following chapters are:

Chapter 1 Researching Your Family History
Chapter 2 Communication and Social Media
Chapter 3 Collaboration and Crowdsourcing
Chapter 4 Recording Your Family History
Chapter 5 DNA: it’s in the blood
Chapter 6 Sharing and Preserving Stories.

There's a detailed table of contents here.

The coverage is comprehensive, the plethora of resources means decisions had to be made about what to include and what to leave out. That's made easier by the clear focus on the UK along with good coverage of general utilities, like Facebook. I was a bit surprised that DeceasedOnline and Google Alerts didn't make the cut while there were other resources new to me. 

I can heartily recommend the book as a reference—it's full of substance. That means it's best taken slowly, pausing to explore the online resources as they arise and meet your needs. I can imagine each chapter forming the basis for a small group discussion. 

As I often do, I checked the book for readability using one of the online utilities. In three one-page extracts it was rated as between grade 13 to 15, college level readability.

Sharing Your Family History Online (Paperback)

A Guide for Family Historians

By Chris Paton
Imprint: Pen & Sword Family History
Series: Tracing Your Ancestors
Pages: 144
Illustrations: 40 black and white illustrations
ISBN: 9781526780294
Published: 9th February 2021

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