25 February 2021

Which Family Tree Software?

Ancestral Quest, Family Historian, Family Tree Builder, Family Tree Maker, Gramps, Heredis, Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic, TreeView, and more.

The one you prefer is likely the one you're accustomed to, not necessarily the best. They all do the basics well ... in that respect, they're a commodity. Each has different bells and whistles.

Or you may be happy with a tree in the cloud offered by the larger genealogy companies, the shared trees offered by FamilySearch and WikiTree.

I received an email with a discount offer from RootsMagic, supposedly the most popular genealogy software in the US. It's an offer they link to RootsTech, although the company isn't in the marketplace.

You'll get RootsMagic 7 Download and Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 7 eBook (a $45 value) for only $20!

Plus, you will receive a free download of RootsMagic 8 when it is released (currently in Community Preview). This means that you can reserve a future copy of Version 8 at today's lower Version 7 price!

You should find the offer at https://mailchi.mp/rootsmagic/rootstech-2021

To be clear, I'm not recommending RootsMagic over any other software; it is frequently mentioned favourably in reviews. 


Mike More said...

John, I often use a quote: “The only person to know which software is best for you-is you. Features that may be very important to someone else may be unimportant to you.” -Richard S. Wilson

What is right for you? Make a list of your requirements and then try out the programs which seem to meet those requirements. Most genealogy software vendors have free trial or demo versions available just for that purpose. Most of the others offer a money-back guarantee.

Michael said...

I also "do" astronomy as a hobbie, when someone asks which telescope is best, the answer experienced astronomers give, "is the one you are most likely to use." I agree with Mike More's post. Give'em a whirl, figure out what you need.

As a starting approach I use Ancestry and Family Search to research, discover and find ancestors and sources. I will use other sites when needed but I start there to create a base profile. I upload this information to WikiTree because of the ablity to share, the commitment to sourcing and the connections I make. Then I download a WikiTree Gedcom periodically and update RootsMagic. Although I have to say, I have really stopped using RootsMagic. However, I feel it is important to have a personal software program to keep a personal research database because WikiTree, while good, does change over time and is subject to the errors of others even with the best of intentions. When RootsMagic 8 gets finished for Mac, I plan to make a more concerted effort to keep it updated. I am also looking at programs to make my personal reseach available online as a balance to WikiTree. I know RootsMagic has that ability but I am not sure I like it for my personal needs and tastes.

So explore, and experience to your own tastes. Thanks for the post.