08 February 2021

Western Front Association Project ALIAS

There's a new, easily searchable database of men who were killed during or immediately after the war who used a name different to their real name for the purposes of their military service. 

Project ALIAS volunteers from the WFA have increased the number of these men who have been identified as using pseudonyms from approximately 3,500. The new pdf database is 391 pages with typically 50 names per page.

I checked and one person I know of, buried at Ottawa's Beechwood Cemetery, is included.

Download the pdf from https://www.westernfrontassociation.com/world-war-i-articles/project-alias-the-results-and-a-searchable-database

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Btyclk said...

This is interesting. I checked into this and found that there was no one from my father's side of the family.