15 February 2021

Monday Memories: Matchbooks

Over the years I've collected matchbooks from hotels and restaurants, even banks I've patronized. They were a keepsake when I picked them up. Now I'm thinking they will be a prompt for memory when I write about episodes in my life. While arranging the montage they brought back memories.

They go back to at least the mid-1970s. There's one for the restaurant in Portugal where I celebrated by 40th.

Even if we could travel in these COVID times I doubt we'd find many places giving out matchbooks. I don't miss the cigarette smoke.

Do you have prompts for memory you've collected over the years?


Anonymous said...


I was too poor to buy more expensive art, so when I travelled for my government work to our regional offices way back when, I would select a hotel trying to locate it close to the office I would be visiting, and close to museums/local art shops.

I would return with original watercolour paintings which I could afford, unframed, and tucked flat into the bottom of my suitcase. They were almost weightless and I would take pleasure in froming them when I got home. They still evoke nostalgic thoughts today.

Cheers, BT

Sophronia said...

Like you, my family collected matchbooks. They also collected wrappers from the tiny soaps provided in hotels. My mother pinched spoons that had the eatery names engraved on them as well as ashtrays. I've also seen a couple of bath mats, but only when the name of the hotel appeared on them. And lots of unsent postcards which were probably free. My collection is mostly photographs.

Anonymous said...

I too collected matchbooks. Nowadays, I bring home one oven mitt with the name of the country, [I have a rack in my kitchen with them displayed], dish towels, post cards, sometimes a coffee mug. Also calendars for the next year with pictures of the area. Even when the calendar is no longer current, I still hang them up around the house just for the memories. T-shirts are a must.

Btyclk said...

I collect souvenir spoons. My mother also collected them. I'm not too sure where hers ended up.

S4Ottawa said...

My father had a match box collection -- he rather looked down on match books! I inherited it and have no idea what to do with it.