13 February 2021

MyHeritage adds United States, Border Crossings from Canada, 1895-1956

MyHeritage moves to fill a hole in its collection, 12,398,842 records from manifests and other border crossing records of US citizens and others entering the United States through Canada at various ports of entry from 1895 to 1956. 

The most common information available includes the individual’s name, age, gender, date of arrival, and arrival port. The records may also include marital status, birth date, birth place, last residence, destination, the port of departure, and nationality--as well as the names and addresses of family members both in the United States and the home country.

About 2.2 million are stated as having been born in Canada, 521 thousand in England, 323 in the US, 237 thousand in Scotland, 207 thousand in Russia, 98 thousand in Ireland, 83 thousand in Poland, 33 thousand in Germany, 29 thousand in France, 22 thousand in Wales. 31 thousand gave Ottawa as their place of birth.

This is a collection you'll often see linked to St. Alban's, Vermont, as in the FamilySearch title Vermont, St. Albans Canadian Border Crossings, 1895-1954. I've had more than one query wondering why people out west crossed at St. Alban's—they didn't, it's just the title of the collection.

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Unknown said...

I did a quick surname search and didn't find any non-Vermont crossings.