03 February 2021

LAC Vision 2030

The following is posted on the LAC website.

Since the spring of 2020, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has been conducting a reflection and planning exercise to envision where it needs to go in the next decade, what goals it wants to achieve, and how it will reach them. This project, called Vision 2030, is intended to complement LAC’s continuing mandate to acquire, process, preserve and disseminate Canada’s documentary heritage.

Consultations with both staff and external stakeholders are well under way. This extensive, necessary conversation, with close collaborators and other groups whose opinions LAC is seeking, will guide the development of a vision statement and a road map.

The consultation is in the form of a survey. I encourage individuals, and especially genealogical and family history organizations to respond. That's especially the case if you're not satisfied with recent developments at LAC. We need to speak up to be heard. Half the battle is just showing up!

It's easier to reply after you've had a while to think about the questions. Here they are:

1. Putting users at the heart of everything we do
In your opinion, what are the best ways for people to engage with their heritage?

2. Increasing awareness and outreach
In your opinion, how can Library and Archives Canada increase awareness about the breadth and contents of its collections and improve outreach to different audiences?

3. Learning and research
What kinds of initiatives would be needed to encourage and support learning, research and discovery? Which audiences should these initiatives target?

4. Playing a leadership role as a national institution
In your opinion, what are the documentary heritage fields in which Library and Archives Canada should play a more active leadership role (e.g., accessibility, digital preservation, inclusive acquisition, professional training), and how could this be done?

5. Topics of interest to your community
Use the space below to share the topics of specific interest to your community or to add anything else.

6. Participating in future discussions
In the coming months, we will be holding online town hall sessions to discuss the topics identified through the consultations. If you are interested in attending, please provide your email address below. Note that Library and Archives Canada will not use your email address for any purpose other than this consultation.


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