11 February 2021

Newspapers.‌com™ Unimpeachable President's Day Weekend

From Thursday, 11 February to Monday, 15 February at 11:59pm Mountain Time, take advantage of FREE access to Newspapers.‌com™ during the President's Day weekend in the United States. 

Newspapers.com claims to be the largest online newspaper archive with 636 million+ pages of historical newspapers. Canada does not have a President (yet?) but is well represented in newspapers.com. Any time I'm researching a Canadian historical topic I now turn to the newspapers digitized there. An invaluable resource. They include:

Calgary Herald
Edmonton Journal
Montreal Gazette
Ottawa Citizen
Regina Leader Post
Saskatoon Star Pheonix
Vancouver Province
Vancouver Sun
Whitehorse Daily Star
Windsor Star

Those are just those with over one million pages, including more recent issues in the Publisher's Extra premium subscription available during this FREE access period. Not listed is the Ottawa Journal with a full run of 843,608 pages from 1885 to 1980, and it doesn't require a premium subscription.

Register for the FREE ACCESS HERE.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks John. I happen to be in the middle of some research and was in despair about how to access even local papers with just about everything shut down.

This one I will sign up for. Cheers, BT

jon said...

Thanks for heads up. Fond lotsa good stuff already. Well designed site. jon

jon said...

You MUST use the link here to get in. Hmm tricky