28 February 2021

Sunday Sundries

 Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

From the Canadian War Museum
Forever Changed – Stories From the Second World War
Liberation! Canada and the Netherlands, 1944–1945
Legion National Foundation’s Poster and Literary Contest Winners 2020

The Internet Archive
Meet Eliza--Social Media’s most unlikely star. 12.3 million views since 6 February.

St Patrick is taking care of you! Watch out for a mini-avalanche of mostly 19th-century Irish records coming in March.

Explaining MyHeritage Animation
Some find these animations addictive, others just weird.

Mapping London Buildings in Colour
Booth would be jealous!

Line of the Week - paraphrasing Gerald R Ford on Lincoln.
"If Dr. Doughty were alive today he would be rolling over in his grave."

UPDATE: The MyHeritage offer to upload your DNA data and access advanced DNA features for free is extended through 7 March 2021. The results will be ready within a day or two.

Thanks to this week's contributors: Anonymous, BT, Elizabeth Vincent, Gail B, glassgal, Glenn, Judy Lynn in Ontario, Linda Stufflebean, M.A.S.-Ottawa, Michael, Mike More, Nancy in Kingston, Norm Prince, S4Ottawa, Sophronia, Unknown

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