28 August 2013

Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy

There's a new introduction to genetic genealogy, so new it wasn't available last Saturday when I was lecturing in Brampton. Written by Kelly Wheaton, the 13 chapters are:

LESSON 1: An Overview of the Types of DNA Used By Genetic Genealogists
LESSON 2: Which DNA Test
LESSON 3: YDNA Exploring the Y Part 1
LESSON 5: Introduction to atDNA
LESSON 6: atDNA Nuts and Bolts
LESSON 7: atDNA Ancestral Origins Part 1
LESSON 8: atDNA Ancestral Origins Part 2
LESSON 9: atDNA Matches
LESSON 10: atDNA More with Matches
LESSON 11: Deeper Exploration by Subject
LESSON 12: Chromosome Mapping
LESSON 13: Privacy, Paranoia, Patience and Persistence

The chapters I've read are good. Give it a try at http://goo.gl/OERWa4

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