19 August 2013

New in genealogy at the Ottawa Public Library II

Here's a second helping of recent genealogy acquisitions by the Ottawa Public Library.

Notre-Dame de Montréal, Select Records of Baptism, Marriages and Burial of Early Scots and Irish 1775-1810, by Darby MacDonald, Darby, 929.371428 MACDO, 3 reference copies

Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada (vol. 3) by Terrence M. Punch, 929.3715 PUNCH, all 3 volumes in reference at Main.

Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers
-1769-1812, by Terrence M. Punch, 929.3716 PUNCH (reference)
-1823-1828 by Jean M. Holder, 929.3716 HOLDE (reference)

Cimetière Mount Hermon, ville de Québec: inscriptions sur les pierres tombales/ Mount Hermon Cemetery, Quebec City: Tombstone Inscriptions.... by Gordon A.Morley, 929.509714471 M864

From Settler to Land Owner (1800-1803): Records of the First Heir and Devisee Commission of the....
-Johnstown District (2 vols.), by Linda Corupe,  929.37137 CORUP (reference)
-Midland District (3 vols.), by Linda Corupe, 929.371358 CORUP (reference)
-Home, Newcastle and Niagara Districts (2 vols.) by Linda Corupe, 929.371338 CORUP (reference)

Pioneer People and Places: Early Grenville (vols. 1-20), Grenville County Historical Society, 971.373 PIONE (reference)

Inheritance in Ontario: Wills and Other Records for Family Historians by Jane E. MacNamara, 929.10720713 MACNA, 10 holds on 4 copies

Household Counts: Canadian Households and Families in 1901, by Peter Baskerville (Editor), Eric W. Sager (Editor), 306.850971 HOUSE, 12 holds on 2 copies

Ontario Genealogy for Beginners (8th ed., 2012),  by Ruth Burkholder, 929.10720713 BURKH, 2 holds on 5 copies

British Campaign of 1777, Vol. One: The St Leger Expedition: The Forces of Crown and Congress (2nd ed.), by Gavin K. Watt, 973.333 WATT, reference.

British Campaign of 1777, Vol. Two: The Burgoyne Expedition: Burgoyne's Native and Loyalist Auxiliaries, by Gavin K.Watt, 973.333 WATT, reference

Thanks to Diana Hall for the information.

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