14 August 2013

Upper Canada Sundries, 1766-1841

This collection, now available as page images at http://heritage.canadiana.ca/support/sundries consists of "letters, petitions, reports, returns and schedules, certificates, accounts, warrants, legal opinions, instructions and regulations, proclamations and other documents received by the Civil Secretary of Upper Canada, 1791-1841, together with copies of some documents of 1766-1809, made for reference purposes."

My interest does not extent to this early period and I haven't had a chance to explore the collection. It will surely be helpful to those with an interest in the period in Upper Canada history.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that the Heritage Collection Project arrangement between LAC and Canadiana, which I had thought was on hold at least until the appointment of a successor to Dr. Caron, is being implemented - follow Canadiana's link to their catalogue. From LAC total silence on this.