02 August 2013

Ireland, Tithe Applotment Books, 1814-1855

Here's a new indexed database on familysearch.org with 753,924 records. Tithes were due to be paid to the Church of Ireland by those who occupied agricultural lands, in this period in money rather than in kind as previously.

According to familysearch the books were compiled for most parishes and generally ranged between the years 1823 to 1838.
Ancestry has a similar database with 606,726 records from 1823 to 1837.

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Clare M. Ward said...

In using the Tithe Books one must look at ALL the handwritten notations from the surveyor's visits over several weeks and even months to a particular townland, NOT just one printed version.
It is also very important to read the "Perambulation Books" for that townland, upon which the TITHE APPLOTMENT books were based. LDS has digitized many of the earlier TITHE App. Bks and they are on familysearch.org