13 August 2013

LAC answers 1921 census queries

OGS has received answers to questions posed to Library and Archives Canada about the arrangements they negotiated with Ancestry.ca for release of the 1921 census of Canada. Read it at the OGS website at http://www.ogs.on.ca/ogsblog/?p=4139


Wayne said...

Well done LAC And Ancestry.ca!

Cecil Turcotte said...

Finally an acceptable response from LAC, though it completely doesn't answer why the digital images LAC received in a digital format were not immediately digitally made available in a digital format on their digital network. (Which will occur now in a few years, digitally.)

Anonymous said...

It seems that LAC does not intend to make the microfilm of the 1921 Census available to researchers. With what is said about the Canadiana microfilm project I get the feeling that the aim is to close the microfilm reading facilities at LAC completely. The embarrassed shrug I got as a response from the staff person in the microfilm room when I asked about replacing a burnt-out lamp in a reader amkes me wonder if LAC has any intention of ever having the machines serviced.