17 August 2013

Media History Digital Library

On the off-chance I entered the name of my home town in England, into the search box of classic media periodicals made available online and free by the Media History Digital Library. The collection is currently over 800,000 pages from periodicals such as:
▽  Business Screen (1938-1973)
▽  The Film Daily (1918-1948)
▽  International Photographer (1929-1941)
▽  Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers (1916-1949)
▽  Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (1950-1954)
▽  The Educational Screen (1922-1962)
▽  Motion Picture [Magazine] (1914-1941)
▽  Moving Picture World (1907-1919)
▽  Photoplay (1914-1940)
▽  Radio Age: Research, Manufacturing, Communications, Broadcasting, Television (1942-1957)
▽  Radio Broadcast (1922-1930)
▽  Sponsor (1946-1964)
▽  Talking Machine World (1906-1928)
▽  Variety (1905-1926)

The search turned up hits 12 hits including in the Kinematograph Year Book 1931 with short listings for cinemas, and as the home town of a consolation prize-winner in a July 1915 issue of Pictures and the Picturegoer - I wonder whatever happened to Kitty Lake of 54 High Street?

The search facility goes by the name Lantern, available at: http://lantern.mediahist.org/

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