05 August 2013

Book Box / Little Free Library

Back in June I posted on a miniature library I came across on Ottawa's Garrison Street. Read that item at http://goo.gl/n5HNj
Apparently there's a grassroots movement to install these, and build community. Here's a YouTube item from Victoria, BC.

See www.littlefreelibrary.org to see how the idea has taken root.


Linda J. Hauley said...

What a great idea!! There's none listed in my town so I'm going to investigate this further! Thanks, John, for posting this!!

RSB said...

What a beautiful video and beautiful story! Wonderful to see and hear about how your neighborhood has been able to connect so many of the dots to help make it such a neat place to live. Mind if we post a link to his on the Little Free Library website or Facebook pages? We love sharing these kinds of stories. Congrats! --Rick Brooks, Little Free Library

GrannyPam said...

I have one! This idea was pointed out to me by my librarian daughter. We decorated ours with bright crayon colors and flowers. It's not on the map yet, but should be soon. You can learn more at: littlefreelibrary.org