04 August 2013

OGS Niagara Peninsula Branch releases partial speaker list for 2014 OGS conference

It's not a complete list, just some of the speakers coming to OGS Conference 2014. I'm delighted to find myself in good company and hope to be able to catch as many presentations by my personal favourites as I can.
The international speakers, including Chris Paton who is not to be missed, are in bold in the list. There are others not yet announced who I wouldn't want to miss either.

Ruth Burkholder
Serge Paquet (Ontario Archives)
Chris Paton 
Fred Hbermehl - (Niagara Local)
Marian Press
Hank Jones
James S. F. Thomson
Jane MacNamara
John D. Reid
Sarah E. Fisher
Mary Lou Garr
Paul Jones
Janice Nickerson
Rick Roberts
Tony Bandy
Linda Corupe
Richard M. Doherty

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Steve Fulton said...

You can find the lastest information about OGS Conference 2014 on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NiagaraPeninsulaBranchOgsConference2014

We have a video to on the page to tell you more about the conference as well.