28 August 2013

From a Bible to a Steel Guitar

A few months back I was contacted by Bob Lamoureux, a BIFHSGO member who is a leader among members of the Friends of Library and Archives Canada for their annual book sale. It's one of those events that marks the passage of the year into fall, this year being held on 20-22 September.
Bob called me asking if I was interested in a Reid family Bible. Every time a Bible with family information turns up among their donations he tries to arrange to have it returned to a family member who would value it.
I was pretty certain the Bible was not from my family, but saw an opportunity in returning it. This particular one had information from the 1920s to 1980s starting when it was presented as a gift following a Brisco/Reid wedding in Northcote, Ontario. That community is on Highway 60 west of Renfrew.
A little Googling found a Rootsweb message that mentioned a likely contact. I emailed and was given a family member contact. We exchanged emails. That person seemed to be in no hurry to retrieve the Bible but contacted another family member, Al Brisco, who contacted me asking for information.
A couple on months went by. The Bible sat in my office.
In the meantime speaking with an alert friend remembered Northcote as a community mentioned by local writer Mary Cook who recalls growing up in the Ottawa valley near Renfrew. Mary even mentions Briscoe's General Store.
In speaking with Al Brisco, who doesn't use the e at the end of the name, I'd learned he has a business located close by The Big Apple, a landmark for those travelling toward Toronto on Highway 401 from Ottawa. It was a trip I was to make last Friday, on my way to the One World - One Family conference; an opportunity to return it to the family. After a lunch stop at The Big Apple we drove 3km and found Al in his store. He was appreciative and mentioned Mary Cook as a school chum of family members.
Al's business is Steel Guitars of Canada; he was only too happy to show me the instrument, how it worked, and demonstrate, much as in the video. I received a CD of him performing several tunes.

Thanks to Bob Lamoureux for giving me the chance to return this item, and learn several things I'd never have explored otherwise.

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Susan said...

The random acts of kindness by fellow genealogists, makes researching family history such a fruitful pleasure!